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Thank you for visiting my small space on the internet. My name is Lalaine April. I was born in Manila, Philippines. I was brought up with my grandparents because my mother who is a secondary teacher has to work for eight hours a day. Though she spent few hours in a week with me and my sister Loisa.

As a child, I grew up with adults as my company. My grandfather who has more time to take care of me taught me and tried his best making sure that I will enjoy my childhood days. He always make sure that I am safe playing around and always keep an eye on me. I would say that I am a Lolo’s girl because I grew up with him on my side attending to my foods, clothes, and even to my assignments in school. But it was the saddest moment of my life when I lost both of my grandparents who have shaped me for what I am today. 

My grandmother who was a vegetarian had taught me the value of living a healthy lifestyle. Her golden voice as the soloist in their church choir has maybe passed on me. I loved to sing as she used to be.

I grew up with my mom living a simple life. She taught me the value of hardworking. Her patience as a teacher attending to her paper works and to her students is unquestionable. Her perseverance and determination in facing struggles and difficulties in life has taught me to do the same in reaching out my goals in life. Now that I am a nurse, I always remember the hard times I get through. Passing the Board Examination after graduation is a lot of preparations and sacrifices. But it was a successful first attempt of taking the test and passing it.

I tried my first employment at De La Salle Medical Center. It was indeed a good experience but I need to look forward to improving my career outside the country. With my mom’s permission I tried my luck at the Middle East in Saudi Arabia. They said it was a brave attempt but I believe in the saying that if they can do it why can’t I? My experience in this country made me more confident as a nurse when I attended to patients with MERS COV. I was just blessed that I survived it. I went back to my country  and there I met my husband who came all the way from California just to see me personally and get to know each other very well. To cut the story short, we got married in the USA and gave birth to a healthy, county, very pretty baby girl named Stephanie was named after her father Stephen. 

It was not easy to start a career at the USA because I have to start all over again. I took and passed the NCLEX-RN Exam in California by doing a self review while taking care of my baby. While she’s asleep I took chance to read my books. But God is good. He never failed my sacrifices. Now, I am currently working as an ICU nurse in a trauma hospital. I chose ICU as my area of specialization because of my experience both in the Philippines and in Saudi Arabia

Now I am enjoying my life wit my daughter and my husband living in comfort and not in lifestyle. One best person who was very happy for me is my mom.She used to say that my daughter is exactly the same as my personality. Her being so smart in talking to people, her way of walking and carrying herself, her simple choices in colors, clothes and hobbies are all the same as mine. And this made me a complete, happy and successful person. But all these will not be possible without our Lord God making all these happen. I am blessed with all these goodness in life because I have God always behind me.

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