A Trip to Lake Tahoe 2020

Every year I take 2-3 weeks vacation from work to spend time traveling and exploring places with my family. I usually preferred to do it within the month of October and November to celebrate my birthday and my daughter Stephanie’s birthday as well. Last year, during my annual vacation we went to Hawaii for ten (10) days. It’s really our plan to travel annually to enjoy my break from work and do some sort of relaxation but this year we preferred to stay in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Anyway, our stay in the country at Ritz Carlton Hotel at Tahoe is still enjoyable.

It was our first time to stay in the place because usually we only visit the place for a short time for hiking. It was almost three (3) hours drive from our place in Sacramento to Tahoe. We left at around 1:00pm and arrived at 4pm. It’s not a straight driving because we did some stop over. We had our first stop over at Bourdin place where we enjoyed the trampoline which is a sort of body weight loss or exercise. Then, our second stop over was at the Donner Lake where we had some photos and videos taken at the place.

At last, we arrived at the hotel and checked in at exactly 5pm. The staff were very accomodating. They assisted us to our room. It was very impressing because the room was very clean with water heater working well and everything was well organized.

After unpacking out our things, we went outside and took some photos and videos at the hotel lobby. They had a fireplace area where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air and get warm at the same time. Then we went straight to the hotel restaurant where my husband made an advanced reservation to celebrate my birthday. It was a very clean and very nice place. We had dinner at 7 pm. It was just worth the price. I had striped bass with squash, my husband had a very tender and delicious steak while Stephanie had her favorite macaroni cheese. After our dinner, they served us a chocolate lava cake as a complementary because it’s my birthday. We really had fun. My daughter Stephanie delivered a birthday song for me which I considered my best gift. She sang it very well and I’m so proud of her. We really had fun. We enjoyed the good food for dinner. And as always I wish good health for me and family and a continuous good career. I thank God for all the blessings and guidance all the way.

On the second day of my vacation, we woke up a little bit late. I went right away to the hotel gym to work out while my husband and my daughter went to the hotel lobby for coffee. Then, we went outside to explore. We are supposed to go to the trail but it was already late in the morning so we decided to just drive around until we found and discover a new restaurant called Gar Woods. We love their deck overlooking the Lake Tahoe. It was cold but the sunshine keep us warm. My husband Stephen had a bacon burger, my daughter Stephanie had a cheese burger and I had a french soup with clams and a hot chocolate. Thanks God I had my workout ahead because they have a huge servings. After this, we went further to Tahoe City to explore more places and had photos. There was a playground and Stephanie enjoyed playing in the place while I also enjoyed watching her.

We went back to the hotel and started to transfer some photos from our camera to the hard drive and laptop. But unfortunately, I left my hard drive at home so for the meantime I transfer everything on my laptop.

Then we had a short nap and a good rest. We went to the hotel restaurant for our dinner. I had scallops and octopus while Stephen shared with Stephanie ordered a lamb. We didn’t have dessert this time because I had a huge dessert served last night.

After dinner, we went outside the lobby where we got some seats. Stephen and Stephanie were playing while I took a rest in front of the fireplace watching them.

On the third day, I went to the gym while Stephen and Stephanie went around the hotel to explore and take some photos and videos. Then, I went back to our room, took shower and we went hiking to the Tahoe Rim Trail. The trail is just close to our hotel only for 15-20 min.drive. We started hiking at 11:30am. From the parking lot we took a longer path to the peak of the trail. Tahoe Rim Trail is huge and there’s a lot of beautiful spots to enjoy. We did a 4.5 miles hike back and forth.

The path going up to the peak is smooth compared to the trails we hiked before. We did some stopover to rest and take photos. There were also plenty of people hiking around. When we reached the top, it was an amazing feeling of fulfillment, and seeing a wonderful place on top is so wonderful. There were huge rocks around the area where you can climb, sit, and take some photos. We really had a great time with all the wonderful sceneries on the top. After that, we went downhill.

I was running downhill when my right foot ACCIDENTALLY hit a hidden rock on the dirt. I fell on the ground and twisted my right ankle and had abrasion on my left knee. I landed on the rock and my leggings had a small tear on my left knee. I thought that I fractured my right foot ‘cause I heared a click sound when I landed. I got up and tried to move my right foot and fortunately it was fine. It feels heavy, sore and started to swell by the time we get back to our hotel room. After what happened we just ate our late lunch or should I say early dinner at the hotel lobby. We didn’t go anywhere anymore but instead just stay in our room and watch netflix movies.

Tahoe Rim Trail

On the fourth and last day in the hotel, we checked out at around 9:30 in the morning and travel back home to Sacramento. We made a few stops in different areas to take some photos and videos. We arrived home at 12pm and had a late lunch. We unpacked our things, relaxed, and decided to stay for three(3) days or more until we will decide on our next trip.

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  • Dominica

    July 26, 2021 at 7:40 am

    Stephanie is gorgeous, always smiling or giggling! No matter what’s on the menu all my kids want to eat is either pizza or mac and cheese. Every single time, with no fault! What camera do you use? I wanted to go for a Canon G7 X Mark II that I can use mostly for blogging and vlogging. Any recommendations for a good camera under 1k? PS: Just noticed that we’re birthday twins though I am in my mid 40s.

  • Steve Dela Cruz

    December 6, 2021 at 7:46 am

    Thats is really enjoying maam,You daughter is so happy everyday, your so lovely mom,Keep it up❤️

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